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Public Works is responsible for a wide variety of activities involving the development and maintenance of the City’s infrastructure, which includes:

  • Streets, sidewalks, gutters
  • Storm drainage facilities
  • Sewer collection and treatment
  • Water filtration
  • Water line construction and maintenance
  • Engineering for public improvement projects
  • Traffic control device maintenance and engineering
  • Parks and public property maintenance and improvements
  • Fleet vehicle maintenance
  • Street signage and striping
  • Safety of City public rights-of-way


The mission of the Department is to enhance and sustain the livability and quality of life for citizens in the community of St. Helens by working efficiently and effectively to fulfill the goals as set by the City Council and Public Works Director.


The goal is to provide a safe, clean and attractive town for all residents and visitors to enjoy.


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Storm Project
CIPP Project
Elk Ridge Reservoir
Street Signs