About Howard (Howie) Burton

cindy n me   Howard (Howie) Burton was hired in November of 2005 to operate and maintain the City of St. Helens 6 million gallon per   day, PALL membrane drinking water filtration facility that  came on line in February of 2006.  Howie has been a State certified water plant operator since 1974, beginning at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks utilities power plant operating and maintaining the UAF water treatment plant.   In 1991 he left the UAF to join the City of Fairbanks Municipal Utilities System, (now Golden Heart Utilities) as a water plant operator for the City of Fairbanks, Alaska.  During his 11 years for FMUS, and GHU,  he worked both as a water plant operator and distribution system operator.  In 2002 he successfully transferred his State of Alaska water and distribution certification from Alaska to California.  He was hired by CalAm water association and worked for the Montara water district as a water plant and distribution operator for three years.  (Montara/Moss Beach is 16 miles south of San Francisco on Hwy 1, just above Half Moon Bay.  This is where Howie Burton grew up).   Early in 2005,  Howie successfully transferred his California State water treatment and distribution certification to Oregon, because he responded to the invitation to be interviewed and was accepted for his current position at the City of St. Helens Public Works.  During his 42 years of being a water plant operator, Howie regularly attends training seminars and has taken college courses that enabled him to obtain and maintain his State certification in water treatment and water distribution.