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Cryptosporidium: A Waterborne Pathogen B.K. Avery, A. Lemley and A.G. Hornsby What is Cryptosporidium? Cryptosporidium (crip-toe-spor-ID-ee-um) is a protozoan, a single-celled, microscopic pathogenic (disease causing)  parasite that lives in the intestines of animals and people.  The parasite can cause a gastrointestinal illness called … Continue reading

Water conservation

How many drips are in a gallon? Check your faucets around your home — do any of them drip? Well, maybe it’s just a small drip — how much water can a little drip waste? True, a single drip won’t waste … Continue reading

The Ranney Collector Well

The Ranney Collector Well

The source of the City of St. Helens drinking water is supplied from Ranney collector wells that are mechanically dug down 80 feet into the West bank of the Columbia River.  The bottom of the collector well penetrates the zone of … Continue reading

What is a “Boil Water Notice”?

What is a “Boil Water Notice”?

A boil water notice is a notification that advises customers to boil tap water used for drinking, cooking and ice-making until tests verify the water is safe. The sampled water test generally take 24 hours to complete. It is not necessary … Continue reading

Pinning Fibers

Testing for broken fibers, the Integrity Test or IT. The Integrity Test (IT) procedure drains an entire rack of modules of water and then pressurizes the casing of the modules on the outside of the hollow fibers with air to 30 … Continue reading

Membrane Maintenance

Care and feeding of PALL micro-filtration modules The photo below shows the modified end caps on the raw water feed header. We welded a 2″ stainless steel by threaded nipple into the victaulic cap. To the threaded end we installed … Continue reading

The Integrity Test (IT)

How soon after the WFP came on line did the IT occur? So many times it has been observed that the WFP has been in “pause”, as programmed to do, during the same 24 hour timeframe that an IT ( … Continue reading