Public Services

Personal and Home Security Survey

The St. Helens Police Department is concerned about the security and safety of your home and business. Please print this page and take a few minutes to answer each of the questions. A “yes” answer to any of the questions would show that you are taking steps towards ensuring your safety. A “no” answer to any of the questions would indicate that you should take steps to improve your personal security. If we can be of any assistance please contact us by e-mail or by telephone at (503) 397-3333.

Is your house number visible from the street?
Can your neighbors see your house?
Do you know all of your neighbors including all occupants?
Have you talked with your neighbors about mutual neighborhood security?
Do you leave your front and back porch light on every night whether you are home or not?
Do you routinely lock your doors every time you leave no matter how long you are gone?
Do you leave house keys hidden outside?
Are your entrance doors solid core and strong enough to withstand excessive force?
Do your door frames fit snuggly around your exterior door?
Are the strike plates and frames strong enough to withstand excessive force?
Is there a wide angle viewer installed on your front and back doors?
If you have small children have you installed a wide angle viewer to accommodate for their size?
Are all outside doors equipped with single cylinder dead bolt locks with at least a 1″ throw?
Do you close and lock your garage door even when you are not at home?
Do you lock the doors going into the garage from your house or yard?
Do your basement doors have extra protection?
Do your casement windows work properly without excessive play?
Do you check to see if all windows are locked before you leave the house?
Do you put a dowel or board that fits snuggly in the inside track of your sliding glass door?
Have you pinned your sliding glass door?
Have you done the same for your sliding windows?
Do all of your windows have proper locks on them?
Have you walked around your house looking for opportunities that a burglar might use?
Have you trimmed all of your hedges, bushes and trees so that they can’t hide a burglar at work on your windows and doors?
If you live in an apartment or multi-family dwelling do you make it a point to notify management of any lighting or security problems?
Do you know the emergency telephone numbers to your local law enforcement agency?
Do you ever ask trusted neighbors to watch your home if you are gone overnight?
Do you use automatic timers on lights, TV’s and radios in your home?
Does your house appear that someone is home?
Do you ask a trusted neighbor to pick up your mail, newspapers and other deliveries when you are not at home?
Do you ask your neighbors to maintain your lawn if you are gone for extended periods of time?
Do you record the make, model and serial numbers of all your valuables?
Have you etched your driver’s license number in your valuables?
Have you photographed items such as jewelry, china and crystal for identification purposes?
Do you take precautions when using ATM machines and telephone calling cards in public places?
Have you removed all identification tags from your key ring?
Do you have a working flashlight in your car?
Do you look in your car, especially the back seat before you get in?
If you have small children, have you taught them what to do and how to ask for help if they become separated from you?
Since you have moved, have you had all of the door locks re-keyed or replaced?
Do you turn the bell tone volume down or off on your telephone while you are away?
Do you have a neighbor park an extra car in your driveway when you are gone for a few days?
Do you have a cellular phone available in your home if phone lines become damaged or cut?