Will I be chosen for a specific trial?

When a trial is about to begin, the judge will seat the potential jurors based on a list that was randomly prepared by the clerk.  The first six jurors on the list will be seated in the jury box.  The judge will introduce the jurors to the parties and their attorneys.  The judge may then outline the issues of the case and may ask the potential jurors some general questions.  Next, the parties or their attorneys may also question the potential jurors.  This jury selection process is called “voir dire” which is French for “to tell the truth.”  Attorneys can challenge potential jurors “for cause” by giving the judge a good reason to have a juror excused.  Each attorney may also use a limited number of “peremptory” challenges without giving a reason.  If you are excused from serving, you should not take it personally because it is not a reflection on your competency or character.  The chosen jurors will be sworn in when voir dire is completed, at which time the judge will instruct the jury about rules to be followed during the trial.