Are there certain rules of court that I need to follow?

  • Be prompt, because tardiness can cause delays and inconvenience to the judge, the lawyers, the parties, the witnesses, and other jurors.
  • A juror must sit in the same seat in the jury box throughout the trial.  This enables the judge, the clerk, and the lawyers to identify the juror more easily.
  • Pay careful attention to each question and answer.  Notify the judge if you cannot hear.
  • You must never discuss the case with your fellow jurors until after the judge instructs you to begin deliberations.
  • If proceedings last for more than one day, do not talk with others (non-jurors) about the trial.  You may discuss the case with non-jurors only after the jury has reached a verdict.
  • For trials that last longer than one day, do not listen to radio or television accounts of the trial or read articles about it in the newspapers.  If anyone persists in talking to you about the trial or tries to influence you as a juror, you should report that fact to the judge immediately.