Fine Payments

The Court accepts cash, checks, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover card for payment of fines.

New Citations:

If you wish to pay your traffic fine by mail, please attach your traffic citation or include the citation number (from the top right corner) on your check or money order.  You may also submit a written explanation if you wish.  If you decide to plead guilty or no contest by regular mail you must submit the full base fine amount shown on our copy of the ticket for each violation on your citation.

If you want to appear before a judge on a traffic citation or municipal code violation, you must appear at your scheduled arraignment on a Monday morning.  The specific date and time for your appearance is stated on the front of the citation (lower left corner) or complaint.

Important:  At this time, you cannot enter a plea or file any paperwork by sending email to the court or webmaster.  Emails DO NOT constitute an appearance or written explanation by a defendant.  You must contact the court in writing through standard mail or you must appear at the scheduled time.

Monthly Fine Payments:

If you would like to mail in a monthly payment on a fine where you have already appeared in court or made payment arrangements with the court, you may mail a check or money order made out to City of St. Helensto PO Box 278, St. Helens, OR  97051.  To ensure proper posting and credit to your account, you mustinclude your full name and case number.

Online Payments:  

Monthly payments can be made online by going to and entering your personal and case information as well as your credit card information.


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