Library Cards (6)

How do I get a library card?

There are three ways to obtain a library card:

  1. Your unexpired Oregon license or ID card with your current physical address (no Post Office boxes).
  2. Your unexpired Oregon license or ID card listing your old address AND a recently postmarked piece of mail that has been delivered to your current physical address (no Post Office boxes).
  3. Your Social Security card AND a recently postmarked piece of mail that has been delivered to your current physical address (no Post Office boxes).

Anyone under the age of fifteen will need a parent or guardian to provide the above information and agree to be responsible for any overdue fines of fees.

Can I get a card if I live outside of the St. Helens City limits?

If you live outside of the city limits, a library card is available for a yearly charge of $40.

Who can get a card?

Library cards are provided at no charge to residents of the City of St. Helens.

How long can I keep what I checkout?

All library materials are checked out for 21 days. DVD/VHS check outs are limited to a maximum of five titles per card.

What if I want to keep something longer?

There are several ways to renew a library item as long as it has not been requested by others or has reached the maximum of three renewals.

To renew:

What if I keep something past the due date? Do you charge a fine?

Yes, the charge for VHS & DVDs is 50 cents per day per title and all other materials are 25 cents per day per item.

Storytimes (6)

When are storytimes offered?

We offer regular storytimes but we take breaks for holidays and during the summer months when our summer reading program is underway. Please consult the library webpage www.ci.st-helens.or.us/library/ or call the library at 503.397.4544 to ensure that storytime is in session.

Is registration required?

Storytimes do NOT require advance registration. Just come ready to participate with your child.

Does my child’s age have to match the age specified for that storytime session?

No, but please keep in mind that the activities are selected with that specific age group in mind. You may discover that another session may be more developmentally appropriate for your child. If the presence of older children inhibits the involvement of children in the target age group, please understand that your child may be asked to allow younger ones to participate.

Do I need to stay with my child during the program?

Yes! Our storytimes are very participatory and we want everyone to listen to the story and act out the rhymes with your child. You will both have fun!

What if my child starts crying?

If your child becomes especially fussy or loud, it’s okay to leave the library and return when they are calmer. It is also okay to “call it a day” and try again next week. We want storytime to be enjoyable for all participants.

Any other tips?

  • If you wish to visit with other parents, please wait until story time is over. Even seemingly quiet conversations can be distracting. And please turn off all cell phones during this time.
  • Snacks, toys and even other books can be distracting to other children, so we ask that you put those items away during storytime.
  • Repeating story time songs and rhymes at home is highly encouraged! We often have handouts with all our favorites. Please help yourself!
  • Parents and caregivers make the best storytellers of all! We encourage you to read to your child and continue the storytime experience at home. Library staff can recommend excellent books for you to check out.