Land Use Planning

Sign Regulations

St. Helens Sign Regulations

The City’s sign regulations are primarily addressed by Chapter 17.88 of the St. Helens Municipal Code (SHMC) which can be viewed at City Hall, the St. Helens Public Library or online at There are additional regulations that apply to signs located within the Olde Towne St. Helens, OTSH zoning district per SHMC 17.32.175. If there is no record of a sign permit for your sign that requires a permit by law, you may be asked to remove it or otherwise resolve the issue at any time. That is a violation of law. A sign permit protects your sign investment.

Political Sign Regulations

The following provides an overview of the City’s regulations pertaining to political signs.

August 2011 Memo to City Council

This memo provided an overview to the City Council to address their concern of ongoing sign pollution within the City. This pertains to temporary signs such as banners and sandwich board type signs as opposed to permanent signs. This was also presented to the Planning Commission in late 2011.

April 2012 Letter to Business Owners

This is a letter sent to business owners within the City regarding sign regulation and the May 2, 2012 public forum to discuss such.

Proposed Changes to Development Code

This shows the draft changes to the City’s sign regulations, primary to address law pertaining to temporary signage. These changes reflect proposed law after several Planning Commission workshops in late 2011 but before the May 2, 2012 public forum with the City Council. This should be reviewed with the complete and current version of the St. Helens Municipal Code.