FlashAlert Newswire Subscription

The City of St. Helens will use this network as a way to communicate to its citizens and the community when there are any types of emergencies or news releases where providing information to the public is essential. We hope you will sign up and share this information with your neighbors so that they may sign up also. Emergency alerts will also go to the City’s Twitter account, so, don’t forget to follow us there, too. Instructions to sign in or update your existing subscription:

    1. Click here.
    2. If you already have an account, click on Manage my existing Subscription. Login and then go to #10 below.
    3. If you do not have an account, type in your primary email address.
    4. Make sure Emergency Alerts and News Releases are checkmarked.
    5. Click Subscribe.
    6. Re-enter your primary email address.
    7. Set your password.
  • Confirm your password.
  • Click on Create your Account.
  • Under Add an Organization, select Portland/Vanc/Salem.
  • Then select Cities.
  • Then select City of St Helens.
  • Checkmark the types of messages you would like to receive. We recommend checking both Emergency Alerts and News Releases.
  • Click Subscribe.
  • You can then manage your account by adding other email addresses and cell phone numbers to receive text messages.


If you have any difficulty setting your account up, please call:
Kathy Payne, City Recorder, at 503-366-8217.

Thank you.