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2015 South Trunk Sanitary Sewer Cleaning & CCTV Project, S-634

View S-634 Contract Documents and Specifications

View S-634 Plans

***Bids shall only be considered valid if bidder is included on the official plan holder list held by the City. Only the purchase of the plans and specifications from the City will place purchaser on the official plan holder list.*** 


St. Helens Street A.C. Overlay Project, R-622

View R-622 Unofficial Bid Results


Eisenschmidt Lane Sidewalk Construction and A.C. Overlay Project, R-623

View R-623 Unofficial Bid Results


Godfrey Park Storm Sewer Replacement Project, SD-146

View SD-146 Official Bid Results and Notice of Intent to Award


Sanitary Lift Station Upgrade Request for Qualifications

View RFQ for design services, Sanitary Lift Station No. 7, S-636


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