Library Board

The Library Board generally meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:15pm in the Columbia Center Auditorium.  However, in February 2016, they will meet on February 9 and in April 2016, they will meet on April 12 at 6:30 p.m.

The Library Board stays informed of trends in library services, identifying growth related needs, long-range planning for services, and providing recommendations to the City Council.

The Library Board is currently recruiting to fill a vacancy. Please click here to print an application to join the Board.


Members Contact Phone 4-Year Term Expiration
Marsha Caton,Past Chair 503-396-5230 6/30/2018
Mary Ellen Funderburg Vice-Chair 503-369-1461 6/30/2019
Patty James  503-369-1763 6/30/2019
Nancy Herron, Chair 503-686-1275 6/30/2020
Melisa Gaelrun-Maggi 503-369-9591 6/30/2020
Barbara Lines, 503-397-9978 6/30/2017
Eloise Bates  503-317-4819 6/30/2017

Susan Conn
, Council Liaison – 503-369-6910

Margaret Jeffries, Library Director – 503-397-4544

Nicole Woodruff, Commission Secretary – 503-397-4544