Arts and Cultural Commission

The Arts & Cultural Commission meets on the first Thursday of each month at 6:00pm in the City Council Chambers. 

The Commission encourages opportunities for recognition of art and culture in the community.

Gateway Sculpture Project Brochure

2013 Trash Can Painting Competition 

The third  annual Trash Can Painting Competition was a huge success. This project is a cooperative beautification project for the Summer Arts In the Park Program sponsored by the City of St. Helens, Arts & Cultural Commission, Public Works, and the Parks Commission.


Spirit of Halloweentown 2013 Pumpkin Painting for Kids

St. Helens Arts and Cultural Commission hosted Pumpkin Painting at the Children’s Fair on Saturday, October 26, 2013.  The free event was successful beyond anything that the Commission had anticipated.  A hearty thank-you is to be extended to the Kiwanis Daybreakers for letting the St. Helens Arts and Cultural Commission take part in the annual Children’s Fair at the St. Helens High School and for inviting the Commission back for 2014!





Members Contact Phone 3-Year Term Expiration
Kannikar Petersen, Chair 503-366-3050 9/30/2015
Luanne Kreutzer 503-366-7854 9/30/2015
Joan Youngberg 503-369-1081 9/30/2015
Diane Dillard 503-397-1244 9/30/2016
Kevin Chavez , Vice Chair 503-410-0266 9/30/2016
Rosemary Imhof 505-331-0387 9/30/2017
XK Austin 503-916-9045 9/30/2017


Susan Conn, Council Liaison – 503-369-6910

Margaret Jeffries, Library Director – 503-397-4544

Jennifer Johnson, Commission Secretary – 503-397-6272