Arts and Cultural Commission

The Arts & Cultural Commission meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm in the City Council Chambers. 

The Commission encourages opportunities for recognition of art and culture in the community.



Gateway Sculptures

Gateway Sculpture Project 

Led by the City of St. Helens’ Arts & Cultural Commission in partnership with Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) Highway Division, the Gateway Sculpture Project was designed to create an inviting and attractive landmark to greet residents and travelers while also marking the entrance to Columbia Boulevard, the city’s main street.  The two artistic landmark sculptures were installed in August 2014, and are located on the east side of the highway bridge over Milton Creek in St. Helens, Oregon on the Columbia River Highway (Highway 30).  Created by Portland artist Suzanne Lee, the sculptures are two 22-foot tall metal obelisk lanterns with cutout images featuring the history, culture and natural elements of St. Helens and vicinity and are illuminated during the evening. Supporting the city’s economic development efforts, this public art project was funded through “percentage for art” from the city’s public works projects and many fundraisers sponsored by the Commission over the last couple of years, including two Sweetheart Balls and a Home Tour.  

St. Helens Mayor Randy Peterson and Julie Vigeland, chair of the Oregon Arts Commission, lead the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Gateway Sculpture Project on Sept. 10, 2015, which was attended by state and local officials as well as many of the volunteers who worked with the Arts & Cultural Commission to bring the sculptures to St. Helens.


Gateway Sculpture Project Brochure


Make Art in Our Parks!
2016 Trash Can Painting Competition

Make Art in Our Parks!
Trash Can Painting Competition


  1. Please complete and return the application with your design concept before June 28, 2016 to Jennifer Johnson, City of St Helens, PO Box 278, 265 Strand St, St. Helens, OR 97051, or email:
  2. Three cash prizes of $150 will be awarded for Most Artistic Merit, Best Halloween Theme, and Best Youth Entry (under 18) Work with your Students/ Group to create a concept design for your can. The Halloween theme of your can should be family friendly. It could be a particular place of thing, historical figure or an activity. See suggestions below. The finished 2016 cans will be located at the Columbia view and McCormick Parks, and shall remain the property of the city of St. Helens.
  3. Submit a concept image using the attached application form & sketch pad or via email (jpegs or .pdf). If you choose to include the name of your school/organization within the design, please do not use text over 3” in height, and please do not make it the focal point of the design. We are looking for murals that are creative and visually pleasing. Designs should be appropriate for a diverse and broad-based audience of all ages. Think PG-13 and please do not include themes, symbols or messages that are religious, commercial, political or sexual in nature.
  4. Paint the entire exterior of the can. When developing your design be aware that a bag liner comes over the top of the can when it is in use in the parks. Approximately 6” at the top of the can will be covered in liner, which will be semi-transparent. The main part of your design should not depend on the top part of the can. Same goes for the bottom 3”, as grass may be covering the can at that point.
  5. During the day of competition (July 4, 2016), the Arts and Cultural Commission will provide ready-to-paint trash cans, paint, and painting supplies. Your team provides the design and the manpower. Bringing a lunch and refreshments is advisable. Your team will have from 9:30am to 4:00pm to complete your design. Judging will then take place, with winners announced at 5:00pm.
  6. Approval of the design concepts will be at the Arts and Cultural Commission’s Sole discretion. You will be notified of approval to complete no later than June 30, 2016. Completed projects that are not consistent with the approved design may be rejected.

Suggested themes for your design:
Pumpkins, traditional orange and black designs, harvest and Fall seasons, animals and plants, rivers and streams,  historical buildings, events and places of interaction such as picnic areas, parks etc.

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Johnson
at 503-397-6272 or at

Click Here for Application

Spirit of Halloweentown 2013 Pumpkin Painting for Kids

St. Helens Arts and Cultural Commission hosted Pumpkin Painting at the Children’s Fair on Saturday, October 26, 2013.  The free event was successful beyond anything that the Commission had anticipated.  A hearty thank-you is to be extended to the Kiwanis Daybreakers for letting the St. Helens Arts and Cultural Commission take part in the annual Children’s Fair at the St. Helens High School and for inviting the Commission back for 2014!






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Members Contact Phone 3-Year Term Expiration
Kannikar Petersen 503-366-3050 9/30/2018
Diane Dillard, Vice Chair 503-397-1244 9/30/2016
Kevin Chavez, Chair 503-410-0266 9/30/2016
Rosemary Imhof 505-331-0387 9/30/2017
Vacant 9/30/2017
Diane Dunn 503-880-1498
Nancy Bowers  503-320-6704 9/30/2018


Susan Conn, Council Liaison – 503-369-6910

Margaret Jeffries, Library Director – 503-397-4544

Jennifer Johnson, Commission Secretary – 503-397-6272