The St. Helens Public Library is pleased to announce that they have reopened to the public on July 31 and will continue to operate during their regularly scheduled business hours. The Library was temporarily closed after a rusted fire sprinkler pipe burst in the building’s ceiling on Friday night. The damage was contained to the building’s lobby.

Repair work to the lobby will continue while the Library is open. Once drywall repairs begin, visitors to the building will be directed to the southern entrance and through the courtyard to the Library. The only available restroom during this time will be the unisex bathroom in the Children’s Room at the Library.

No Library computers or materials (books, movies, magazines, etc.) were damaged by the water leak.

The Library would like to apologize for any inconvenience during this time and thanks its patrons for their patience as the necessary repairs are made.


For further information regarding the Library’s fire sprinkler pipe break, please contact St. Helens Public Library Director Margaret Jeffries at 503-397-4544.